• Providing road construction machinery for construction companies.

• Supply of spare parts, tires and oil required by machinery and factories as well as construction projects.

• Investing in and participating in various economic activities, such as buying wheat seeds, honey production, etc.

• Tracking the establishment of a cultural, sports, residential and commercial complex and tracking the establishment of a greenhouse complex

• Providing the materials for construction projects.

• Investment and business development



راه سازی نفت‌و‌گاز نفت گاز عمران عمرانی آب و خاک مکران پرورش ماهی میگو آبزیان اقتصادی سرمایه‌گذاری ماشین آلات کشاورزی ماشین‌آلات دام طیور شیلات بازرگانی واردات صادرات