Surveys of beneficiaries

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- What level of familiarity with Jahad Nasr Fars Company is?

- What are the active areas of Jihad Nasr Fars?

How do you evaluate the Nasr Fars Jihad Group in terms of its features? (Please answer all options)

What media have you seen in the media of Nasr Fars Jihad?

- How much attention is paid to the environment of Nasr Fars Jihad, the failure to carry out environmental degrading activities, and compliance with the laws related to the health of the community?

- What is the rate of accountability of Nasr Fars Jihad to the stakeholders?

- What kind of stakeholder of Nasr Jihad are you?

- To what extent has the company's communication channels (telephone, fax, email, site) been accountable?

How do you evaluate the accuracy, speed and ease of delivery?

How has your staff treated you and your needs?

How was the complaint about how to handle complaints and accountability of the authorities?

- Do you want to offer a company, product or new features?

- Make other comments, such as suggestions, criticisms, weaknesses, and strengths.