Abnieh Sazan Nasr-e Pars Co. (Private Joint Stock) is one of the subsidiaries of Jahad Nasr-e Fars Group that started to do all construction activities in the fields of water, road construction, installations, construction of residential and commercial as well as industrial units, and also providing technical engineering services abroad since November 2013.

The company's fields of activity include:

• Water field, including the construction of dams, water plants, hydraulic structures, reservoirs and networks for irrigation and drainage as well as the transfer and distribution of water and sewage and marine structures.

• Transportation field which involves the construction of rural roads, main roads and byways, highways, railways, runways, large bridges, tunnels and asphalt operations.

• Facilities and installation field that includes the implementation of oil, gas and water transmission lines, mechanical and hydromechanical installations, building facilities and installations (water, gas, electricity and sewage).

• Agricultural field includes irrigation, improvement, land reform and drainage.

• construction field includes the design and construction of office, residential, commercial, industrial and sports units, power plants and hospitals.

• Industry field includes extraction, processing, storage and conversion of inorganic raw materials.

• finding various domestic and foreign dealers to supply machinery and equipment as well as the spare parts required.

• Preparation and implementation of concrete precast parts and building materials.

• Participation in domestic and foreign auctions and tenders, and getting bank loans   Some of the completed and ongoing activities:

• Project of transportation and depot of mineral materials from Lar Iron Ore Mine

• Exploitation of Ramshir Isargaran Small Canal Production Plant and production of 250 m small canals for the daily needs of Ramshir district projects.

• Project of transportation and depot of mineral materials for Kangan Cement Factory.