Investing in Sepidan Sustainable Development and Construction Company

having the attitude of using potential facilities of the province in the field of tourism and introducing natural phenomena of the province to the world, including Iranians, and also playing its role in the employment of the unemployed people in the province by increasing job opportunities suitable for indigenous people of the region, Jahad Nasr-e Fars Co. has done investment and purchased 60% of the shares of Sepidan Sustainable Development and Construction Company (Public Joint Stock). The company is capable of implementing various projects, including development of tourism affairs in the province, on which the company has invested for the following purposes. The purposes of this investment are as follows: • Development of tourism infrastructure in the province.


• developing the export of tourism products.

• Carrying out specialized tourism services.

• Implementation of construction projects for the development of tourism in the province.

• Directing some part of the company's capital to tourism production units.   Some of the completed or ongoing activities:

• Margoon Waterfall Development Project, including:

• Improvement and asphalt pavement of the road from the village the target area.

• Construction of parking space in the target area with an area of ​​over 25,000 square meters and a capacity of more than 1000 light vehicles.

• Organizing the gardens in the target area and building camps for the well-being of tourists.

• Construction of a transportation site for the tourists to use predicted public services.

• Creation of recreational and sports spaces and construction of an aerial lift (Telecabin) with tourism and tourist usages.

• Project for the construction of hotels, restaurants and recreational areas in the target area.

• Creating marketplaces and sale systems as well as supplying tourism industry products in the target area.