Sabzgaman Nasr-e Pars Co. (Private Joint Stock) is one of the holding companies of Jahad Nasr-e Fars that started its activities in August 2012 in the field of agriculture and related industries. The main fields of activity of the company include the production of agricultural and livestock products, supply of inputs and machinery, export and import and doing services in the agricultural sector, entrepreneurship and contract management in agricultural and related industries, and other issues related to production, development and trading in related sectors.


Some of the completed or ongoing activities:


• Participation in shrimp breeding in Chabahar port. • Reproduction of baby shrimp in Bushehr port.

• Implementation of construction projects related to water, soil and agriculture in Khuzestan province.

• Investment in the processing of crops, production and sale of tomato paste and pickled cucumbers up to 500 tons.

• Jar Supply Project required by the province's food industry to the number of 3.6 million.