Tejarat Gostar Nasr-e Pars Co. (Private Joint Stock) is one of the holding companies of Jahad Nasr-e Fars which was registered on 28/11/2013 with the number 36320 and national ID 10530486689 at Fars Department of Real Estate Registration and has a business card number 10530486689 to do all kinds of trading and business activities including import and export, trading, supplying and distributing the items required by the holding companies and complex projects as well as the private sector, and participation in investment in various projects.


The main activities of the company are as follows:

• Carrying out all business transactions inside and outside the country.

• Import and export of various construction machinery as well as those for road construction, mining, agriculture, transportation, industry, instrumentation, sports, recreation and all related equipment and parts.

• Import and export of various light, semi-heavy and heavy vehicles.

• Providing and supplying goods for construction, agricultural and industrial projects as well as oil, gas, water, sewage and electricity transmission lines and railway projects.

• Import, export and procurement of raw materials for factories and related and similar companies. • Supply and sale of agricultural sector and natural resources institutions.

• Import and export of food, clothing and pharmaceuticals.

• Obtaining representation from domestic and foreign companies.

• Import and export of household appliances as well as electrical, audio and medical devices, health products and cosmetics, and office and research equipment.

• Importing, exporting and performing sports services.

• Performing all administrative and support services and obtaining inquiries, etc. from all ministries and scientific centers.   Some of the completed or ongoing activities:

• Providing road construction machinery for construction companies.

• Supply of spare parts, tires, oil for machinery and factories and construction projects.

• Investing and participating in various economic activities, such as buying wheat seeds, honey production, etc.

• Tracking the establishment of a cultural, sports, residential and commercial complex and also tracking the establishment of a greenhouse complex

• Providing materials for construction projects.